The Art of the Television Commercial: Wintrust Edition

Wintrust Financial is a Chicagoland banking institution rooted in community values.  "Chicago's Bank" also has a relationship with both Chicago baseball teams and recently tapped Banner to create television commercials to run during the MLB season.  The goal was to showcase Wintrust as a partner in both baseball fandom and everyday life.

Wintrust Cubs Ivy

Banner was to produce two separate spots: one for the Chicago Cubs and its northside fans, and one for the Chicago White Sox and the southside fans. The teams and specific imagery would be different, of course, but the shooting techniques would remain the same to create a cohesive campaign. These techniques include overhead and timelapse shots of food and jump cuts from an ATM withdrawl to stadium point-of-purchase.

When it came to deciding when to capture the footage, the production crew had to ensure the spirit of each team carried through. Day games at Wrigley are iconic and the crew really emphasized this by using as much natural daylight as possible for each shot across the entire shoot date. The exploding scoreboard and fireworks show is synonymous with the White Sox so production structured the shoot to flow through a typical night game.  It was also important to keep each piece extremely authentic, which meant filming real-time during each game to capture true stadium atmosphere. Fun fact: both spots were filmed in a single game-day!

Wintrust White Sox Nachos

The authentic nature of the piece lends itself to natural challenges that had to be overcome through equipment selection. Multiple takes are not guaranteed and navigating through thousands of people requires efficient mobility. By pairing a Zacuto shoulder rig system and an Odyssey 7Q+ monitor with a C300 mkii (strong backs carrying backpacks with lenses also helped), the crew of two cinematographers created a very compact footprint that still captured the right footage and is quintessential "Banner" production.

After the Banner motion graphics department incorporated the custom creative treatment to each edited sequence, the two spots were ready to make their broadcast debut.  Please enjoy the finished products, affectionately known as the Wintrust "Numbers" series. 

Wintrust "Numbers": Cubs Edition

Wintrust "Numbers": White Sox Edition