Sights and Sounds of the 10th annual Chicago Convention

July 21-23rd marked the 10th time Chicago Blackhawks fans and players convened at the Chicago Hilton for the annual Fan Convention.  Banner Collective joined the festivities, filming sights and sounds, behind-the-scenes moments, and footage for future Blackhawks TV content.

In true Blackhawks' fashion, the event did not disappoint.  Alumni reminisced about the good-old days and new-comers were welcomed with a 10,000 person reception.  Opening Ceremonies had an extra treat, with fan-favorites Patrick Sharp and Brendan Saad returning to walk the stage donning the Indian Head sweater.  A gathering one hates to miss, Banner put together a recap of the ceremonies for those unable to attend.

The weekend's schedule had an additional item on the agenda for our camera crew, thanks to the web-series "On the Clock". A panel discussion of behind-the-scenes making of the series included an appearance by editor Justin Zipser.  Justin recounted his experience in creating the project to the crowd, estimating he spent over 75 hours sorting through footage to put the four episodes together. The chance to shed light on the video production process and celebrate a Banner creation together with that project's audience was the perfect wrap-party for On the Clock and the Blackhawks Convention Weekend. 

Justin Zipser at Blackhawks Convention
On the Clock Blackhawks Convention