The Art of the Statement Video

A statement video is a video that makes, well, a statement. It’s an engaging, interesting, visual description of a brand’s image and message. It showcases an organization’s culture and gives the viewer a glimpse of the company’s inner workings.

The nature of the company naturally dictates the direction of a statement video. The video is there to answer the question, “Who is Brand XYZ?”   The tone and look should align with how someone answers that question verbally.

The essential elements include sound bites to tell the story, b-roll to add life to the story, and graphics to give the video a nice polished finish. How those elements all come together depends on the organization, its assets, and of course, budget.



The creative freedom this kind of project affords takes away the need for a ‘standard blueprint.'  We produce statement videos in the manner that best reflects the particular organization. Authenticity is inherent for a project of this sort.

Why make a statement video?  Yes, to make a statement - but it’s more.  To communicate to the fullest the brand’s image and message, make it short and clear, and produce an original statement of endless possibilities.        

Play it for prospective clients before a sales pitch or while sending blind emails. House it on the company website to generate interest in applying for a job. Use as a rallying cry to the current staff or when introducing a new company culture or brand initiative.  It’s a versatile tool for numerous business functions.

A portion of statement videos we've produced can be found in our portfolio, linked below.