Sights & Sounds of Being On the Road Again

Traveling on road trips-- and surviving them-- are key components in any professional sport. Acclimating to a new time zone, learning the nuances of the opposing playing turf and adjusting to the local way of life all play a part in trying to knock an athlete off-balance and give the home team the coveted edge. 

To combat this, you hear athletes talk about routine, especially on the road.  This strategy extends to the non-roster crew. (see: Banner Collective, whose presence is meant to capture and produce content for the teams) We follow the athletes and their rituals and in turn, need to develop systematic processes of our own to generate the best video assets. 

Mornings are times for practices and off-ice/off-field business. Afternoons are editing sessions and prepping gear for the game. (Insert a couple of private moments to relax or explore, too) Then, like the athletes we document, it’s showtime, and we’re in the groove until the final minute or out.

For the teams we follow, the return home hopefully includes a winning record.  For Banner, it’s delivering “Sights & Sounds” videos, pre- and post-game analyses, client promotion fulfillments, and general video archives. Then it’s a quick breath and time to start the homestead routine.