Sights & Sounds of the 2016 MLB All-Star Game

The ‘Sights and Sounds’ productions are meant to capture the heart of an event.  We took the 2016 All-Star Game as an opportunity to bring the audience off the field and into the atmosphere as a whole.  The intimate access is a unique part of this type of storytelling.  As more than a game recap, the videos focus on details of all proportions.   

Our goal was to shed light on the side of baseball, the side of the people, which is most times left in the shadows.  The Cubs have such great personalities, are tight-knit, and genuinely like each other.  A group like this, one with both talent and connection that reach beyond the field, is camera gold.


There is a lot that goes into filming these types of videos. For our cameramen who worked on the San Diego festivities, Justin Zipser and Will Armistead, challenges were tackled through adaptation.  To acquire as much footage as possible, they had to be extra nimble and alert.  Because of the fast-paced nature of sports, these guys had to shoot all day, edit that night, and post the next morning.  If Dave Knickerbocker and Patrick Dahl hadn’t reminded them to eat and sleep, Will and Justin might have, like Energizer Bunnies, kept going and going (and not stopped)!  

These videos break the confines of the field and give fans the rare opportunity to feel like they are right there, with the team, experiencing the festivities beside them.  We love immersing ourselves in these events and producing videos that, we hope, translate the lasting impressions we’ve had onto the screen.