Sights and Sounds of #FLYTHEW

2016 was quite the baseball season for Chicago (to put it extremely mildly). The opportunities we were given covering the sights and sounds of the entire experience with the Chicago Cubs - the first pitch of spring training to the last out of the World Series- was nothing short of amazing.  

Cubs – World Series Game 6: Sights & Sounds

From going behind-the-scenes at some of the most pivotal moments, witnessing the passion and dedication while filming in bars around Chicagoland, traveling to and documenting road games, all culminating with the revelry outside the streets in Wrigleyville; our goal was to focus our lens on capturing the broad spectrum of angles and capture as much as we possibly could.   

Budweiser: Chicago Cubs "Uncharted Territory"

Amazingly, the momentous occasion of achieving such a milestone didn't climax at Game 7 as we stood atop the roofs of Wrigley Field during Game 7 watching crowds stare, wait, anticipate for the “World Series Champions” text to appear on the marquee.  It was when we hopped on the buses and joined in attendance as the parade of millions made its way through the city to Grant Park. 

Majestic "Cubs Stories" – Lifelong Fan

We will forever cherish being a part of an experience that gave us a front-row seat to witness history in the making. We had the privilege of interacting with the lifelong fans, the fans who work at Wrigley Field each day, and the youngest generations of fans who for years watch their parents (and grandparents and so on) ride out the historic drought and joined in the hope just the same.

The Cubs flew the ultimate "W" flag and to have been given the chance to take part in just a sliver of the experience is an incredible honor for Banner Collective.