Get to Know Banner: The Founding Fathers

Banner Founders in Hard Hats

A glimpse into the lives and personalities of the men who started it all...

Patrick Dahl and Dave Knickerbocker

We asked the two founders of Banner Collective a series of random questions.  These are their responses.

First things first: Why create Banner Collective?

DK: We had the opportunity to start a company that solved problems for so many companies that are looking for high quality video but want to pay a fair price and be treated well. 

PD: I was excited about the opportunity to start and shape the culture at my own company.

The company's unofficial dress code includes a lot of plaid.  How many flannel shirts will you admit to owning?

PD:  I own approximately 8 plaid shirts and my favorite color combination is blue and green.

DK: I have to confirm but [my wife] Kim counted and at its apex there were like 27 or so.


What is the best costume you've ever worn (and we aren't limiting it to Halloween...)?

PD:  One time for halloween my wife was a chef and I was a meatball. I made it myself.

DK: I dressed up as Obi Wan Kenobi and attended a Star Wars movie.  In my defense, I was with my daughter who dressed as Princess Leia.  However, it was my idea in the first place but I tried to weasel out of it at the last second. 

Banner is full of Jedi younglings. Why are you personally a fan of the Star Wars series?

DK: Wow.  I’m a fan on so many levels and for different reasons at different parts of my life.  Right now, sharing it with my kids has made me a bigger fan than ever. 

PD: I am not really a huge fan of Star Wars, but enjoy it as an action movie. I don't think I've seen all of the originals. I also enjoy seeing Dave act like a young boy when it comes to Star Wars.

Between the two of you, who wins in an arm wrestling match?

DK: Arm Wresting – Me.  But in traditional wrestling - Pat.  He’s impossible to move.

PD: Dave. For sure.

We're seeing a lot of classic sitcoms getting a reboot. What's the 1 tv show you want to see revived?

PD: I'd like it if Game of Thrones never ended. 

DK: Alf

Pat Dahl Splash Mountain

Pat Dahl having a Splash Mountain moment

If you're taking one celebrity on a week-long trip to Disney World, who gets the coveted invite?

PD: I'm taking Robin Lopez of the Bulls because he wouldn't judge me for how obsessed I am with Disney World since he's a huge fan himself. He also gets along with my son, Henry.

DK: Will Ferrell.  There are other celebrities that I would want to have dinner with more or have a serious discussion with but at Disney, I imagine this would be a lot of fun. 

Banner's diet is heavy on the pizza. Build your perfect pizza pie for us:

PD: Sausage.

DK: Just Giardiniera [Editor's note: we aren't here to judge if Dave really just wants to eat dough topped with a pickled-pepper relish]

Say time travel is a thing. What era or period are you traveling too?

DK: WWII. I am so fascinated with the greatest generation and view their collective triumph as the most amazing and important accomplishment in the history of mankind.

PD: 60 years in the future so I can see what becomes of my kids!

Banner in Milwaukee

Banner Collective goes to Milwaukee.

To bring it back full circle, name your top 3 memorable Banner moments:

DK:  The first Banner Christmas Party video contest, our 2016 Banner trip to Milwaukee, and landing the Chicago Cubs as a client.

PD: Getting the Cubs account (and the subsequent celebration at 3 Dots and a Dash, going to Milwaukee for a summer trip and moving into our new offices.