The Art of Digital Content: Bud Light Edition

Anheuser-Busch activates its Bud Light brand through multiple concerts series across the country.  The "Dive Bar Tours" play to audiences in a specific region and Banner was hired to hit the Midwest roads with country band Old Dominion.  We were tasked with producing tour announcement trailers, show teasers, and concert recaps that would air on Bud Light's digital platforms. Before performing in Chicago, Michigan and Ohio, Old Dominion met up with our cameras in Nashville to gather content for the promotional videos.

The theme of this production was creative minimalism.  The four-man crew in Nashville had to capture footage in a small space during a smaller window of time. Its nimble footprint coupled with the low, divey atmosphere of the venue made our A7Sii camera the unaccredited star of the shoot. 

Content filmed in Nashville was not just needed for creating awareness and excitement over the upcoming tour on social media.  It would also set the tone for how the subsequent concerts would be produced. Each production day was set in the fast-paced environment of a concert, so our crew had to maximize its time and anticipate the next shot.  The results were videos that consisted almost entirely of organic footage from the various sound checks and live shows. ("Almost entirely" because the Nashville crew gleefully used a smoke machine during one shot.)


Covering a concert is a moving machine that requires quick action and flexibility.  It was a one-man crew that toured with Old Dominion at four bars so by nature, the environment was different every time. Our cinematographer, Matthew Dominick's pre-show routine started with an assessment of the bar landscape. Already knowing the best angles and unique features before the crowds entered was crucial. Some had a stage with steps, which allowed Matt to snake around and get close shots. Others had limited space near the stage and band so he maneuvered his way into the crowd. No matter the starting point, Matt was able to capture all of his diverse footage by once again employing the A7Sii and slowly working his way from the stage to the sides and back as the show went on. 

Matt Dominick having a moment during the tour


A full recap of the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour with Old Dominion

The purpose of all the production shoots was to develop content for Bud Light's digital channels. Nashville's shoot generated announcement teasers for the Dive Bar Tour itself, plus show and city specific promotional pieces. Each concert had its own post-event recap as a thank you to the hosting bar and city. Every video served a different purpose but needed to follow a central theme.

Anticipating how the editing process would go, Banner followed a loose script of ensuring that we had the classic shots at each location: product, branding and crowd. Knowing the song for each concert recap video ensured the camera was focused on the band playing live. The finishing touches were shots that exhibited the uniqueness of the bar and city to give each video a different feel.