Google "Ethos trailer"

When Google West Loop commissioned Banner to create digital works of art for its new lobby, Ethos was born. Motion graphics and timelapses work together to create our unique visual representation of the city.

Wilson X Reveal

The Motion Graphics department used several 3D modeling techniques to create a product reveal video suitable for Wilson Sporting Goods' new technologically advanced Wilson X football.

Chicago Cubs Videoboard "Grilling the Players"

Banner was hired by the Chicago Cubs to assist in generating content for the new Wrigley Field videoboard. Through green screen animation and graphic design, we created a piece that showed the personalities of the team while tying into a sponsor's brand.

Elk Grove Village 2015 "Makers Wanted"

Elk Grove Village tapped Banner Collective to produce its first ever commercial campaign in 2015 and our graphics department created two unique spots using 100% animation.

Breakthru Beverage "What is Sake?"

Breakthru Beverage (formerly Wirtz Corporation) enlisted the help of Banner's motion design team to create a succinct and engaging video that defined the Sake drink to both customers and consumers alike.