Elk Grove Village 2016 "We Make"

Using overhead shots with lots of movement and supplementing animation, Banner created a new commercial for Elk Grove Village and its "Makers Wanted" campaign.

Wilson Football "Own the Game"

We were tapped by Wilson to create a brand video and social media content that would honor the excitement and fervor of high school football, and how Wilson Football helps with the experience.  A special "thank you" must be given to the community of Ada, OH for participating in this project.

Chicago Sun Times "Honor Box"

The Sun-Times is a national staple and we were honored to create a television spot that matched the gritty, "Chicago-man" style of the brand.

All-Star Game 2015 "Kris Bryant"

Banner Collective created a series of videos to help promote "Vote Cubs" for the 2015 All-Star game. Thankfully Kris Bryant was a great sport and allowed us to stretch the truth for the good of the campaign.

Elk Grove Village 2015 "Makers Wanted"

Elk Grove Village tapped Banner Collective to produce its first ever commercial campaign in 2015 and our graphics department created two unique spots using 100% animation.

Fresh Wave "Fresh Wave Ninja" featuring John Scott

One of the first spots we ever did, this one holds a special place in our hearts.  Mostly because we got a 6'8" NHL Enforcer to dress up like a hotel maid.

Majestic Athletic "Glen Perkins"

To promote their MLB All-Star Game Batting Practice Jerseys, Majestic Athletic wanted something that would be shareable.  We created this spot that features Twins reliever Glen Perkins hitting a monstrous home run.  It was viewed over 1 million times.

Kimberly Clark "Home Team Advantage"

Banner Collective wrote, shot, edited and created graphics for this Kimberly Clark spot that ran nationally in Canada.