Wilson Football "Own the Game"

We were tapped by Wilson to create a brand video and social media content that would honor the excitement and fervor of high school football, and how Wilson Football helps with the experience.  A special "thank you" must be given to the community of Ada, OH for participating in this project.

Chicago Blackhawks "We're Ready"

A series of 2016 Chicago Blackhawks pre-season commercials recognize that it is not just the athlete who prepares for the upcoming season. This vignette highlights how a young fan and a coach get ready for the first puck drop. 

Elk Grove Village 2016 "We Make"

Using overhead shots with lots of movement and supplementing animation, Banner created a new commercial for Elk Grove Village and its "Makers Wanted" campaign.

Chicago Bulls "KIA Pick & Roll"

Banner worked with the Chicago Bulls to generate awareness for a sponsored team promotion. A combination of an unsuspecting customer and Bull alumni help describe the campaign details.

Chicago Sun Times "Honor Box"

The Sun-Times is a national staple and we were honored to create a television spot that matched the gritty, "Chicago-man" style of the brand.