Hudson Shuffleboards

Banner Collective helped add a visual element to the telling of Hudson Shuffleboard's unique story.

Chicago Fire "Schweinsteiger Introduction Press Conference 2017"

The soccer team played this hype video moments before introducing its newest member of the club to the public.

Navy Pier Facilities

Navy Pier wanted a video that would show off their existing facilities and highlight some of the exciting changes coming to the property.  Banner Collective was up to the task.

Chicago Cubs Presentation Room

When the Chicago Cubs present to potential partners, they show an opening video that highlights the current state of the franchise.  Banner Collective was asked to create the 2015 version of the video.

BuckleDown Brewing

A new local brewery was opening in Lyons, IL, and they wanted to introduce themselves.  Banner shot and edited this profile piece.

Blackhawks Way

The Chicago Blackhawks use this video to open up presentations to potential partners, students, community organizations and more. It highlights the transformation of the team beginning in 2008.