Chicago Cubs Videoboard "Grilling the Players"

Banner was hired by the Chicago Cubs to assist in generating content for the new Wrigley Field videoboard. Through green screen animation and graphic design, we created a piece that showed the personalities of the team while tying into a sponsor's brand.

Chicago Bulls "Late Night Snack with Henry"

The basketball team wanted to showcase its athletes' personalities in a non-gameday setting.  We added a plate full of delicious snacks and a five-year-old into the mix to produce this new take on the "Kid Reporter" concept.

David Ross #VoteCubs 2016 "Fax Machine"

Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross wanted to do anything he could to help his fellow teammates earn votes for the 2016 All Star Campaign. We helped the man affectionately known as "Grandpa Rossy" by filming this instructional commercial.

Chicago Blackhawks "Soup and a Sandwich"

Just as the name suggests, Brian "Soupy" Campbell and Artemi "Breadman" Panarin make the perfect pairing for an off-beat web series.

International Cricket Council "Cricket Meets Baseball"

Members of the ICC traveled to Arizona to introduce Cricket to its cousin: Baseball.  Banner covered the interaction between athletes from the two sports to produce a promotional recap piece.

Jeep Wrangler "Summer of Jeep" featuring Brodie Smith

To promote Jeep Wrangler's "Go Anywhere. Do Anything" campaign, we filmed frisbee trick-shot artist, Brodie Smith in a tricked-out Jeep taking some tricky pit stops throughout his tour of Chicago.