Chicago Cubs "The Schwarber Dance"

For a "Welcome Back" gift to Kyle Schwarber as he returned to the active roster in the 2016 MLB Playoffs, the Chicago Cubs released this footage we captured of fellow teammates trying to mirror a special (off-the-field) performance by the post-season's Designated Hitter.


Chicago Bulls "Late Night Snack with Henry"

The basketball team wanted to showcase its athletes' personalities in a non-gameday setting.  We added a plate full of delicious snacks and a five-year-old into the mix to produce this new take on the "Kid Reporter" concept.

Budweiser "The Build Up"

Banner Collective teamed up with Anheuser-Busch to showcase the lifelong pairing between a cold brew and post-season baseball. Raise One to the World Series Champs.

Jeep Wrangler "Summer of Jeep" featuring Brodie Smith

To help promote Jeep Wrangler's "Go Anywhere. Do Anything" campaign, we filmed frisbee trick-shot artist, Brodie Smith in a tricked-out Jeep taking some tricky pit stops throughout his tour of Chicago. 

Majestic Athletic "Chicago Cubs Stories"

Majestic Athletic wanted to shine a spotlight on the variety of people that make up a team's fan base. In one of the "Chicago Cubs Stories" segments, Banner rolled the cameras on an usher at Wrigley Field that had a unique connection to the Chicago Cubs.

Reynold's Wrap "The Hot Streak" with Anthony Rizzo

For a humorous cross-promotional opportunity between Reynold's Wrap and the Chicago Cubs, we produced a piece that revealed the unique way Anthony Rizzo ensured his team would continue its winning ways.

Chicago Blackhawks "Exercise Your Right To Vote"

To support the Blackhawks' 2014 All Star Campaign, we put together this motivational video featuring Jonathan Toews.  

Chicago Blackhawks Holiday Album

To celebrate the holiday season, the Blackhawks sent this video to their season ticketholders.  Frolik Navidad.