Own the Game / by Morgan Sharar-Stoppel

August is a time unlike any other for high school football.  It's the time when the athletes step out onto the field for the first time after weeks of preparation.  The excitement, nerves and pride coursing through everyone's veins the moments before the first kickoff is at an all-time high.

Some would actually say there are no words to describe what that experience is like. So Wilson Football tasked us with the job of expressing these indescribable moments in the visual sense. Off we went to Ada, Ohio to shoot a community that's be intertwined with youth football for several decades, thanks in large part to the Wilson Football factory.

We can't give away our secrets on how we were able to capture all of the footage you see, but we can tell you it was three days of work that took an entire community's effort. Drones were flown over fields, stores owners got into the spirit early with window-painting, and a high school team let us takeover their morning practices. These three days of work led to a video that aims to capture the tradition, passion and community that comes with a football season.

Week 1. Own the Game. Wilson Football.