It's time to hit the field / by Morgan Sharar-Stoppel

2015 Chicago Cubs spring training "Hit the Field"

It's a common element in any sports arena-- the introduction video.  A signal to the audience the show is about to start and your teams are ready to play.  The moment of anticipation and excitement that your'e about to witness a thrilling game and (hopefully) a victory.

For the Blackhawks, it's the jersey stitching that counts down to lights out.  For the Bulls, it's literally the running of the bulls that leads the team to the United Center.  For the Cubs--well we don't want to give anything away just yet for what's in store this year.

As you wait for the team to step out on to the Wrigley Field grass next month, we'll at least let you enjoy the "hit the field" video that was featured at Sloan Park during spring training.  Let's go Cubs!