Grandpa Rossy tries to #VoteCubs / by Morgan Sharar-Stoppel


Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross is having a ball making sure his final season is one to remember. The baseball veteran even took it upon himself to start spreading the word about how to #VoteCubs for this year's All-Star game and asked us to help. 

Playing off his nickname "Grandpa Rossy", we created three commercials that paid homage David's formidable years where technology wasn't as sophisticated. (Fun fact: It actually takes a lot more work than expected to make footage look like a bad VHS tape) Ross was a great sport about the entire process and his witty personality added a genuine comedy to the shoot. 

We are overwhelmed with the feedback we've received from these commercials and have enjoyed reading the reactions from athletes and fans. Even the star himself gave his stamp of approval on Twitter! Now we just kindly ask that you listen to David Ross and go #VoteCubs!