All-Star Game Worthy / by Morgan Sharar-Stoppel

Every year the best-of-the-best in baseball take the field to showcase their amazing talents to delight of the fans who elect the players to be there.  Sometimes the elite still need some help convincing fans they are deserving of a coveted spot on the starting lineup, and that's when Banner Collective gets the call.  This year a couple Chicago Cubs enlisted our services to create campaign commercials that would showcase the athletes in their true light, but also capture the attention of the voter. 

Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant are incredible ballplayers who have big ideas when it comes to running an All-Star campaign. Take a look, head to, and remember to vote Cubs.  You know the Chicago way....Vote Early, Vote Often!

#ASGWorthy #VoteCubs

Anthony Rizzo needs your vote because he loves Cinncinati

Anthony Rizzo needs your vote because he has some great ideas for this year's All-Star game

Kris Bryant needs your vote because his friend card is pretty empty.