A Year in Review / by Morgan Sharar-Stoppel

2015 was quite the "banner" year for Banner (don't let anyone tell you we're not totally creative)! We experienced several firsts for our company, gained some amazing new clients and staff members, and even moved into a new office! As we look forward to 2016, we also want to take a moment to reflect on all of the incredible and major moments from the past twelve months. Join us, wont you?

April: The Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field debuted two new video boards and we were honored to have been tasked with the job of producing content to fill the left field screen.  Opening Day is already an exciting time for us, but it became extra special when we watched the first video play on the big screen in front of a sold-out crowd.

June: We worked with Elk Grove Village to create a brand new campaign for the city, Makers Wanted. It was a new venture for the village, and gave us the chance to showcase our creative and motion design departments. Click here to view a few of those commercials.

August: We traveled to the quaint towns of Ada and Lima, Ohio to produce a piece for Wilson Football. We were there to generate excitement around the start of the High School Football season, but it was us that became lifelong fans of the communities and their people. 

industrial park screen.jpg

September: The big move.  We left our spot near the United Center and headed to the Goose Island, settling into a brand new space that we've made our home. Feel free to stop on by to check it out! 

November: An entire summer in the making, our Blackhawks Championship movie "Hat Trick" premiered at the iconic Chicago Theatre.  Everyone at Banner played a part in the creation of the film, and we are extremely proud of the piece.  Here's a teaser trailer, but we hope you get a chance to experience the entire thing! 

Wilson logo.jpg

December: What felt like a feat of strength and stamina, our motion graphics department accomplished a project none of us had ever seen before. Google was moving into a new office in the West Loop and needed imagery to fill a 30 ft video wallscape.  Banner produced a rendering of downtown Chicago in a style that will feel very familiar to anyone who has played an original Nintendo. 

We hope everyone has a wonderful new year and cheers to 2016!