A Girl Scout's Goal Achieved! / by Morgan Sharar-Stoppel

One of our favorite days on the job was spent witnessing a young girl achieve a big life goal and recording it all. The Chicago Blackhawks launched a campaign "What's your goal", in hopes of fulfilling the dreams of some of their biggest fans. Alexis, a 5 year old from the Chicagoland area, had the goal of selling Girl Scout cookies to her favorite player--Jonathan Toews. The team saw her video and the rest, you can say, was history.

Banner Collective has been filming Blackhawks players for over six years.  The camaraderie between our crew and the team is strong, and allows us to show you genuine and personable sides to the guys who were just administering hard checks against the boards the night before. This bond helped us deliver a commercial that we are proud of (and had a fun time making).